Take Five Daily

  • One thing that is spiritual
  • One thing that is emotional
  • One thing that is physical
  • One thing that is social.
  • The fifth thing is free.
  • Friday, January 11, 2008

    Some ideas from Christie

    I got an email from Christie that included these eight points, taken from the book, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or

    1) Much of the speed involved in an adrenalized lifestyle is self-induced.
    2) It is possible to resist the hurry-up entreaties of others.
    3) Nothing is worth comprising your mental, physical and spiritual health.
    4) It's okay to clear your schedule of everything other than basic survival activities.
    5) The time you free up by doing #4 is to be used only for self-care until you have calmed yourself down. Christie notes: It's what I'm doing right now [sending emails]
    6) If you get caught up in your responsibilities to your children, spouse, relatives, coworkers . . . remember this handy dandy rule from the airlines: "Put your oxygen mask on first, and then assist your child."
    7) To our knowledge, no family ever died from eating pizza seven days in a row.
    8) Never underestimate the importance of full night's sleep. Running on empty in the sleep department will definitely lead to more stress and difficulties in the typical ADHD person's life.